F Is For Frank [Frank/Gerard standalone R]

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Title: F is for Frank
Author: silver_etoile
Rating: R
POV: Third
Pairing: Frank/Gerard (Ryan/Brendon, Gabe/William, Spencer/Jon)
Disclaimer: Not true and never happened.
Summary: Frank can't even cook mac and cheese. How can he possibly live up to being a father? Maybe the new preschool teacher can help. (22k words)
A/N: This was what I was working on earlier in the week. xiexiegirl is responsible for me posting it today because no one can resist a Brendon Pout. This is kid!fic in case you didn't get it, and yeah, never thought I'd write it either but I'm sort of ridiculously in love with it :]

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Recs for Thomas (Thommy and assorted)


Thomas Gets A Dog by Alex51324 (5,504 words)
Summary: Pretty much what it says on the tin. Set post-series 3. Non-detailed spoilers for main events of the series.
  + Sequel
Patches Makes a New Friend, or, Thomas and the Hall-boy Who Won't Leave His Dog Alone (11,607 words)
Summary: A new hallboy at Downton takes a liking to Patches, Thomas's dog, and almost accidentally befriends Thomas, despite Thomas's attempts to remain aloof. But some people are a little suspicious of Thomas's motives....

Thomas and the Earl of Findlater by Alex51324 (46,345 words)

Summary: The Earl of Findlater turns up at Downton Abbey with news that will change Thomas and O'Brien's lives forever.
  Tito says: Oh, man, as soon as Thomas said his mother's name, I knew how this was gonna go down, but I loved it so much, especially how all three of them were terribly insecure and unsure the entire time for three different reasons.
  + Sequel Snippet
Thomas and the Earl Follow-up Snippet (789 words)
Summary: Set several years after "Thomas and the Earl of Findlater," Edith has married Thomas and shacked up with Lizzie Chatham (the shooting, trousers-wearing neighbor who appears briefly in Thomas and the Earl). Edith is now expecting their third and fourth children (yes, fic!twins, deal with it) and Robert and Cora are visiting. Fluffy little domestic snippet; Robert's POV.

Headcanon Accepted by Lyra500 (581 words)

  Summary: In which Thomas is Robert's son. How Thomas ends up at Downton after injuring his hand instead of being sent back to The Front.
  Tito says: This is absolutely my headcanon, as well. No way does Thomas get away so much special treatment without the Earl being his dad.


Tony Stark Meets an Extremely Unimpressed Time Traveler, or, Thomas Barrow Makes a Surprisingly Good 21st Century Butler by Alex 51324
(87,671 words)
  Summary: In which Tony Stark ditches a boring party, makes an addition to the household staff, throws a much better party, and tries not to sexually harass his new butler.

Or,In which Thomas Barrow has a little trouble getting home from the pub, is generally unimpressed with many aspects of the 21st century, never thought of himself as a conservative dresser before, and may or may not be falling in lust with his new employer.

tl:dr: Thanks to time travel, Thomas Barrow becomes the Avengers' butler.
  Tito says: So in character it was scary and I loved how hard Steve was trying to be supportive of gay rights.


The Well by Gigi_Sinclair (27,923 words)
  Summary: Modern AU. Lieutenant Edward Courtenay is having difficulty adjusting after being blinded by an IED in Iraq. Psychiatrist Dr. Sybil Crawley and hospital volunteer Thomas Barrow-serving a community sentence for assault-help him to understand his life isn't over, but just beginning.
  Tito says: I love how needy both Edward and Thomas are in this, because they're perfect for each other.

Led Home by letsgogetlost (22,666 words)
  Summary: When Thomas Barrow gives into a weakness, a need to say goodbye, a great deal changes, starting with the saving of a life.
  Tito says: one of my fav feel-good fics
  + sequel
  Peace Unshaken (523 words)
    Summary: Thomas, Edward, and Remembrance Sunday.

until the lights come on by HowCleverOfYou (4,273 words)
  Summary: There’s a radio show on channel 62 that runs from midnight ‘til five, where the host plays whatever the hell he wants, whenever the hell he wants.

Though Often I've Called You Sweet by Tito11 (5,660 words)
  Summary: Edward is soft, deceptively so, with his thin mouth and his thin shoulders that hide a gentleman’s soul. He’s sweet, and like a fly to honey, Thomas orbits him, waiting, waiting, taking every chance he can to touch him and losing pieces of himself with every pass. For the first time in Thomas’s silly life, he falls for someone’s personality before their looks.
  Tito says: Shameless self-rec


Mr. Barrow and Mr. Kent by FlippySpoon (56,305 words)

  Summary: Post-Christmas Special (series 3) Mr.Barrow takes up with a horse groom. Jimmy is confused. Lady Mary's gone nihilist. The Dowager says something funny.
  + Sequel Ficlets
  Going Swimming
  Sounds a Bit Soppy, To Be Honest
  There's a Wild Man Inside All of Us
  Christmas in Brighton
  Tito says: My favorite ficlet is #3, because I'm a helpless pervert.

If You Look to Your Left, You Will See by thingthingthingness (151,890 words)
  Summary: Alfred, Jimmy suspected, was already 'part of the family' in Carson's mind – like having a long-dead relative who helped some long-dead Countess pull up her knickers every day made him somehow more real than Jimmy or something. Modern AU. Jimmy/Thomas.
  Tito says: The adventures of Jimmy the tour guide. Watch as he gets a promotion, gets a kiss, scrubs floors, cares for an incontinent dog, waits overlong for his coffee, has nightly auditory hallucinations, provides a distraction, steals a DVD, and finally, finally falls in love with his boss.
  + Sequel
  Been Waiting Two Long Years (Dub a Dub a Dum Dum) (7,701 words)

The V-Word by Gigi_Sinclair (1,373 words)
  Summary: Thomas and Jimmy have a very interesting conversation. Drama ensues.

The Somnambulist by Are (11,553 words)

  Summary: Thomas/Jimmy one-shot. Smut with a little hurt/comfort. Jimmy sleepwalks. Thomas helps him out. *Spartan warrior voice* THIS IS POOOOOORRRRRNNNN!

Haunts by Are (50,255 words)
  Summary: Strange apparitions descend upon Downton Abbey, rearranging furniture and lives- and, in the midst of it all, Thomas Barrow and Jimmy Kent begin to unravel their own mysteries.
  Tito says: Oh, Edward! I laughed and cried alternately the whole way through this.
  + Sequels
  The Enchanted Life of Thomas Barrow (77,899 words)
    Tito says: So painful, but so worth it.
  Domestic Life
    Summary: It's not always perfect magical love for Thomas and Jimmy. Well, okay, maybe it is.

About Time by Gigi_Sinclair (5,088 words)
  Summary: AU. Thomas never went into service, but worked with his father as a clockmaker.

In which Alfred has a rather queer dream by booooooooof
  Summary: And after much self-reflection, resolves not to have any more midnight snacks.

London Eve by Are (8,017 words)

  Summary: Fluffy first-time fic, one-shot. Thomas and Jimmy argue and make amends in wintry London.

Listening In by Gigi_Sinclair (1,802 words)
  Summary: A hall-boy with fantasies.
  + Sequel
  The Fume of Sighs (1,092 words)

Smile For Me by Komishika (1,640 words)
  Summary: Cute and fluffy.  Thomas talks Jimmy into getting some photos made when he wants one for himself and finds out Jimmy hasn’t had one made since the war.

Delirious by FlippySpoon (4,068 words)

  Summary: Thomas is ill.

1921 by FlippySpoon (6,378 words)
  Summary: Jimmy has fallen in love with Thomas. But somebody has to be the sensible one.
  + Sequel
  1925 (5,221 words)
    Summary: After the train...

All That Life Could Afford by Gigi_Sinclair
Tito says: Um, Jimmy fakes a girlfriend and then he and Thomas go to London together. Link is to part four, which has links to the parts before it.

Catlyst by Gigi_Sinclair (5546 words)

  Summary: The Duke of Crowborough makes Thomas an offer he can't refuse. Jimmy is of the opinion he should refuse it.

In Significance by Are

  Summary: One-shot. Thomas and Jimmy teach each other about love. Possibly inspired by too many readings of Flippyspoon's "1921".

Dirty Blonds by kindsokind

Tito says: Jimmy gets jealous of Thomas's American beau and they mud wrestle. Non-erotically, even.

The Game of Chance by Are
  Summary: One-shot. Jimmy and Thomas bet on everything. And I do mean everything.

Absence Makes the Lust Grow Stronger by The_Under_Butler_Did_It

  Summary: Thomas returns from America to find Jimmy healthy, happy and ready to try something stupid.

Leaving Downton by alex51324
  Summary: AU from mid-episode 2X07. After Thomas’s black market disappointment, the Spanish Flu does not immediately arrive to provide him with an opportunity to slide back into his old job. Instead, a war acquaintance witnesses his despair and offers him a chance at a different life. Thomas/OMC, non-explicit.
  + Sequel
  Christmas After Leaving Downton

Age Chart, bitches!

age chart two

Okay, this is the age chart of all the kids plus Steve and Tony for the first five stories in "I Had to Have This Talk with You (My Happiness Depends On You)" otherwise known as the steve/tony tribal!au. i can't believe it's gotten to the point where i need a chart to keep track of this crap. these people need to stop having babies, seriously. you can click on the chart, if you want, and it'll take you to the series page on AO3. if there's anyone you want added to the chart, just let me know :)

*uh, note that these are all ages from the beginning of the fics.

The Lighting of a Fire Masterpost

Title: The Lighting of a Fire
Word Count: 16,000
Pairings: Lipton/Speirs, Winters/Nixon
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own, mean no disrespect
Summary: Teacher!au featuring Dick as the principal, Nix as the head secretary who pines for him, Lip as the math teacher everyone loves, and Speirs as a badass English teacher with a crush.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

Time Would Come for Roll Call, Time for Us to Part

Title: Time Would Come For Roll Call, Time For Us To Part

Word Count: 1,241

Pairing: Winters/Nixon

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: don’t own, mean no disrespect. Lyrics from Lili Marlene by Tommie Connor

Summary: Of course, there are other things he wants once the war is over and they have more time. But in the meantime, there’s no reason he can’t tell Nix about this plan.

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From Broken Homes and Battle Scars to Where We Are 1/?

Title: From Broken Homes and Battle Scars to Where We Are 1/?

Word count: 830

Pairing: (eventually) Germany/N. Italy, Prussia/Austria, maybe others

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: don’t own. Title from TAI’s “Paper Chase”

Summary: That was why they were both back here, in the neighborhood where their parents had lived, attending public school for the first time in nine years. HS Au

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Kansas City Shuffle 1/?

Title: Kansas City Shuffle 1/?

Word count: 897

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: don’t own.

Summary: “I’m not going to fuck you,” he said.

The kid looked a bit shocked. “Then what the hell are you going to do to me?”

“Train you.” Con Artist Au

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Maybe We'll Be All Right

Title: Maybe We’ll Be All Right

Word count: 1,277

Rating: PG13

Pairing: Jared/Jensen

Warnings: mpreg, alpha-omega dynamics, au

Disclaimer: Don’t own. Title from “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna

 Summary: It’s settled, then. He’s going to have to tell Jared tomorrow.

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